Africa & The Indian Ocean Luxury Tour by Private Jet 2018 – Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa – June 13


Our Lakani guests join Heidi Lakani and John Webley here in the chilly late fall weather of South Africa.  It’s from here that we are now starting on our way around Africa for adventures and extraordinary experiences by private jet. This is Lakani’s “Africa and the Indian Ocean” unique private jet tour.

Meeting in sunny Johannesburg, South Africa we are immediately wow’d by the gorgeous boutique Saxon Hotel near the impressive suburb of Sandton City. This former residence mansion was briefly ‘home’ to Nelson Mandela while he completed writing his book “Long Walk to Freedom”.  This is a special place.  Our adventures are getting underway from here … and we look forward to plenty.

We have the opportunity to visit the iconic Apartheid Museum, a detailed overview of the recent troubled and turbulent history of South Africa under the governments of segregation and Apartheid.  We also tour briefly through Soweto passing by the original homes of Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu.  The massive “pumpkin gourd” of the World Cup 2010 soccer stadium (holding over 97,000 people) awes us.

As a small group we enjoy an evening reception and private dinner together.  We’re already getting to know new friends and soon we are are whisked away by our beautiful private jet to Madagascar.

Click here to follow us on our adventure as we head to Madagascar!

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