Africa & The Indian Ocean Luxury Tour by Private Jet 2018 – Anjajavy, Madagascar

Anjajavy, Madagascar – June 14 – 16

The beauty of our private jet comes into view right from our start, as we depart from Johannesburg. No need to return to the massive busy hub of Johannesburg International Airport, we head to the small private regional airport of Lanseria.  We arrive at the airport and within half an hour we are airborne in our beautiful Legacy jet headed for Madagascar.

Fourth largest island in the world, following a delicious lunch on board, we are soon descending across beautiful blue Indian Ocean seas to the small airport of Mahajanga on the west coast.  We land our jet as close as possible to our secluded “lemur loveland’ base, Anjajavy.  We continue our journey from Mahajanga to Anjajavy directly aboard a Cessna Caravan Safari plane.  We land on the red-murram air strip of Anjajavy and our love life with Lemurs begins.

Anjajavy is a unique private reserve on the north west coast of Madagascar.  This is a protected area and Lemurs, bird species, and other exotics thrive here.  The Anjajavy lodge and its tourism revenues and resources have been integral to the long term protection of this small and unique coastal forest area which includes varieties of baobab trees.

The lodge’s small villas line along a most beautiful bay with pristine white sandy beaches. Ocean breezes blow throughout the day.  The world-famous Oasis Gardens of Anjajavy are where the Lemurs love to visit in the early mornings and late afternoon tea.  They come to enjoy their most favorite flowering & fruiting trees and scrumptious bushes.  In fact, Lemurs are around the lodge all day … sometimes even dropping by the swimming pool garden to see who’s around.  This is a paradise on earth.  Sweet and Simple.

We enjoy two full days of play … including a guided boat trip to nearby Marambo Bay to find the highly endangered Madagascar Fish Eagles. Fortunately we have great sightings from our boat of a breeding pair. We boat around the bay with our Guide, who shows us majestic red-bark Boabab trees (hundreds of years old) and the sacred limestone islands of this bay where ancestral royal families are buried in caves.  We are treated to an excellent barbecue beach picnic on a remote little island, in close proximity to the “two loves” … a unique coupling of ancient baobabs that have grown together entwined for several hundred years.

Other activities include a visit to the nearby remote and isolated seaside village of Anjajavy (custodians of this area), the inspiration for our lodge’s name and area where most of the employees of our lodge grew up and live.  Some of us have a night walk in the forest with our guide to see some of the nocturnal species of Lemurs, birds and chameleons.  We also visit the reintroduction project of Giant Land Tortoises, another aspect of Anjajavy’s ongoing conservation projects.  Throughout we enjoy the lodge and all the resident Lemurs.

This is a unique start to our jet about Africa… we are on our way with amazing adventures and exciting experiences.  Not only have the Lemurs touched our hearts but so have all the good people of Anjajavy.  As we depart we know that these are all new friends that we can never forget.

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