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Travel at your own pace, on your own time on an itinerary custom designed just for you, your family, or your group. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary trip for two, planning a vacation for the family, or looking for a travel experience for your special interest group, Lakani’s experts will create a tour that exceeds your expectations. With Lakani you have the advantage of working with a team that has first-hand travel knowledge of virtually every part of the world with a network of contacts to help you plan your trip, and the experience to make it happen.

Choose to go on your own or be accompanied by a Lakani Tour Manager. Use commercial aircraft or your own private aircraft. The choice is yours with a Lakani Custom Made Journey.

Set at the crossroads of the world, Turkey truly offers something for everyone. Monuments and landmarks that regal historic tales from ancient times through the 20th century – Turkey holds some of the most impressive ancient sites in the world, including the archaeological ruins of Ephesus and Temples of Zeus and Apollo. Incredible scenery abounds – from the vast Bosporus River that separates Turkey into a European and Asian side, to the captivating Mediterranean coastline, and the fairytale-like rock chimneys in Cappadocia. And throughout you can experience a captivating culture accented with savory cuisine and exotic dances. Turkey can be a destination itself, or if just visiting Istanbul, can be combined with other countries in Europe, Africa or the Middle East. Lakani World Tours can arrange the perfect itinerary to suit your interests and schedule.




  • Tour Hagia Sofia, Topkapi Palace and the iconic Blue Mosque in Istanbul.
  • Take a hot air balloon ride to see Cappadocia from above.
  • Be mesmerized by Whirling Dervishes.
  • Visit the “Cotton Castle” and hotsprings in Pamukkale.
  • Take a cruise on a gulet, a traditional Turkish handcrafted wooden boat and explore incredible archaelogical sites.


Customized pricing based on itinerary.

Lakani World Tours can create a travel itinerary best suited for you – depending on your time, interests, and budget. Here are some suggestions:

  •  Istanbul

Ancient Constantinople, the opulent capital city sits on the line between Europe and Asia. Cruise the Bosphorus River that divides the city. Explore the incredibly varied and vast Grand Bazaar, wonder at the marvelous Byzantine architecture of the Hagia Sofia, historic Topkapi Palace, and the iconic Blue Mosque.

  •  Cappadocia

Home to otherworldly rock formations and underground cities, as well as the Goreme Open-Air Museum, rock carved churches and monasteries. Take a hot air balloon ride to see it from above; and discover the historic culture as you enter into the depths of the mountainsides. The Whirling Dervishes mesmerize you at an evening performance.

  •  Izmir

The birthplace of Homer, this ancient port city is the gateway to Ephesus, a well-preserved ancient Roman city.  See the remains of the Temple of Artemis, walk the Marble Road to see the Temple of Hadrian and Library of Celsus, tour the Terrace Houses and House of the Virgin Mary.

  •  Pamukkale (the ancient city of Hierapolis)

This area’s unique landscape of soft white calcium deposits have given it the nickname of the “Cotton Castle”. Watch as the mineral-laden hot spring waters cascade over cliffs and down white travertine terraces. Visit for an overnight stay from Izmir, or by flight into the small city of Denizli.

  •  Bodrum & the Turquoise Coast

Take a cruise on a gulet, a traditional Turkish handcrafted wooden boat, for a few hours or a few days. From your cruise or resort hotel you can swim, kayak or snorkel and visit the unique Museum of Underwater Archaeology. On land explore the Crusader Castle of St. Peter, the ruins of the Tomb of Mausoleus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and wander the waterfront markets.

  •  Troy & Gallipoli

A day trip from Istanbul, explore the ruins of legendary Homer’s Troy with its famous Trojan wooden horse, and tour the Gallipoli War Museum.




Hotel accommodations will be based on your specific travel program, dates, budget and availability at time of booking.

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