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Travel at your own pace, on your own time on an itinerary custom designed just for you, your family, or your group. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary trip for two, planning a vacation for the family, or looking for a travel experience for your special interest group, Lakani’s experts will create a tour that exceeds your expectations. With Lakani you have the advantage of working with a team that has first-hand travel knowledge of virtually every part of the world with a network of contacts to help you plan your trip, and the experience to make it happen.

Choose to go on your own or be accompanied by a Lakani Tour Manager. Use commercial aircraft or your own private aircraft. The choice is yours with a Lakani Custom Made Journey.


A true gem in Southeastern Europe, Romania offers visitors a variety of attractions – splendid scenery, mythical historic castles and churches, traditional farmland villages and Black Sea resorts. Much of Romania terrain is mountainous, with the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvanian Alps occupying the central and northern regions with glacial and karstic lakes, rivers and lagoons, as well as medieval cities, including the home to the dark tales of Vlad the Impaler – Dracula. The mysticism and sheer beauty of the region has a satisfying appeal to anyone interested in nature, history, and Old World culture.



  • Visit the second largest building in the world, the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest.
  • See the UNESCO listed painted churches of Bucovina
  • Explore the Black Sea & the Danube Delta
  • See the Turda Salt Mines, Gothic Hunyadi Caslte and Bruckenthal Palace in Sibiu
  • Visit the birthplace of Vlad the impaler, also known as Dracula


Customized pricing based on itinerary.

We will create a custom itinerary based on your travel dates and preferences. Romania can be a destination itself, or it is often combined with other Eastern European countries. Lakani World Tours can create a travel itinerary best suited for you – depending on your time, interests, and budget. Here are the main sites we recommend:

  •  Bucharest

A modern capital modern that hosts Belle Époque buildings and impressive monuments. Highlights include the Palace of the Parliament, the second largest building in the world, and the open air Village Museum.

  •  Brasov

A Saxon town with a rich heritage, history, and Gothic architecture. Noted sites include the Old Town with the late Gothic Black Church, the Guild Towers, and the impressive 1901 synagogue.

  •  Bucovina

A home to the UNESCO listed painted churches, exterior frescoed monasteries.

  •  The Black Sea & Danube Delta

Explore by land or on a cruise; one of Europe’s best areas for wildlife and hundreds of species of birds and fish.

  •  Carpathian Mountains and Transylvania

A forested landscape filled with old citadels, impressive monasteries and picturesque wooden churches, rich cultural traditions and bears. Sibiu – Home to Bruckenthal Palace, and gateway to the Gothic Huniady Castle and the Turda Salt Mines. Sighisoara – Birthplace of Vlad the Impaler – Dracula, as well as home to the fortified church of Biertan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.




Hotel accommodations will be based on your specific travel program, dates, budget and availability at time of booking.

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