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Papua New Guinea, one of the last great unexplored lands, remains a place of great wonder and mystery. A country of over four million people, it is home to exotic animals, extraordinary art and flamboyant warriors. A wondrous place for intrepid travelers who wish to discover unique colorful cultures and take a step back in time. Must-sees include meeting the Huli Wigmen, a Southern Highland tribe nearly untouched by modern civilization, and traveling the jungle waterways of the Karawari River to visit isolated Kundiman villages. Another highlight is staying in a floating Haus Tambaran (Spirit House) in the remote Sepik River region.

Papua New Guinea is for curious and adventurous travelers open to discovering a unique world. Though a stand alone destination, we suggest an en-route stop-over in Cairns, Australia.


  • Huli Wigmen
  • Ambua & the Tari Valley
  • Karawari River Region
  • Sepik River Region
  • Mount Hagen
  • Madang


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  • Port Moresby –A cosmopolitan city, embracing technology and development with a blend of the new and remnants of the colonial days. Explore the history in this once WWII strategic military location.
  • Ambua & the Tari Valley – In the Southern Highlands and home of the flamboyant Huli Wigmen, a colorful and proud people still live the same way that their ancestors did. They are one of the largest cultural groups in Papua New Guinea and display their art in the form of body decoration.
  • Karawari River Region – one of the most remote and unspoiled areas. jungle-fringed waterways known for spectacular primitive art and an incredible array of parrots and orchids.
  • Sepik River Region – stay on the permanently docked riverboat for day boat trips through the dense rainforest. Experience traditional village life and culture.
  • Mount Hagen – in the upper Wahgi Valley of the Western Highlands region. It has some of the oldest evidence of agriculture in the world and is also the business heart of the highlands. Home to the Melpa people, and host to the huge annual Mount Hagen Cultural Show.
  • Madang – a hidden jewel in the South Pacific and a montage of tribal cultures, immense beauty, friendly people and pristine diving.



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