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Oman is an undiscovered gem nestled on the Arabian Peninsula. Geographically, the terrain has mesmerizing deserts, lush riverbed oases and a long coastline of crystal clear turquoise water. Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world, established in the early 700s, and has kept its traditional feel and unspoiled beauty. Traveling through the interior and more remote regions you can witness true Bedouin life, including a centuries-old weekly cattle auction. You can climb castle-forts (there are over 500!), trek through pristine desert and mountain landscapes and relax is serene wadis. Though accommodations in the remote areas are basic, they are clean and comfortable. In the coastal capital of Muscat, life and creature comforts are quite different. Muscat is home to the massive, contemporary Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque (which allows non-Muslim visitors), as well as luxurious resorts. Its white structures set against the clear aqua waters of the Arabian Sea present an idyllic picture.

Oman is for nature-lovers and explorers as well as those wanting relaxing resort time. Active visitors can enjoy hiking, jeep excursions, snorkeling, sailing and more. You
can relish in a 5-star resort or stay in a traditional Bedouin camp. Oman can be a destination itself, or an add-on stop to Dubai or any other Middle East Countries or Africa destination. Lakani World Tours can create a travel itinerary best suited for you
– depending on your time, interests, and budget. The primary areas to be discovered include:

Muscat – Set along the Arabian Sea coast. Take a coast cruise – for an hour or a full day. You can spy dolphins, turtles, sharks, rays, and more. Divers should visit the marine reserve in the Daymaniyat Islands. Muscat is also home to the Grand Mosque (2nd largest in the world), the Sultan’s Palace, a renowned fish market, and colorful genuine souks. There are a variety of world-renown luxury 4 and 5 star resorts.
Nizwa – in the Hajar Mountains about 3 hours east of Muscat. Good for a 4WD day or over-night trip. Explore the Nizwa Fort and Bedouin marketplaces. Visit on a Friday and witness the exuberant cattle and camel auctions. You can also venture to the well-preserved Jabrin Castle fort with its burial chambers and elaborately painted ceilings and the 13th century Bahal Fort, a UNESCO site. Along the way from Muscat, stop at one of the date, rose, or pomegranate farms or a hidden wadi oasis. Or, enjoy some desert activities including dune driving, camel riding, desert camping and more – Go for the day or overnight.
Sur – along the southern coast and the easternmost point of Oman. The highlight is the Ras al Jinz Turtle Reserve where you can witness four types of marine turtles lay their eggs on the beach.
Wadi Tiwi – on the coastal road from between Sur and Muscat. Known for its emerald water pools and date plantations that line the walking routes through the villages.

Oman Highlights Include

  • Cruise along the coast of Muscat in search of dolphins, turtles, sharks, rays, and more
  • Venture to the well preserved Jabrin Castle fort and the 13th century Bahal Fort, a UNESCO site in Nizwa
  • Watch marine turtles lay their eggs on the beach in Sur
  • Explore the date plantations and emerald water pools of Wadi Tiwi


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