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The Republic of Azerbaijan straddles Eastern Europe and Western Asia and is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea and bordered by Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Iran and a small slice of Turkey. Home to three mountain ranges and almost 50% of the all the mud volcanoes on the planet, it also has a large lowland area, much of which is below sea level. Visit the oil-rich city of Baku, the capital and cultural center of Azerbaijan, as well as the largest city in the Caucasus. Stroll through the walled Old Town, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and see the Palace of the Shirvan Shahs and Maiden’s Tower. Lakani will arrange for several tours outside of the city to unusual places like Yanar Dagh, a mountain that has been continuously on fire for a thousand years.

Azerbaijan Highlight:

  • View the Fire Worshiper’s Temple and witness the natural phenomenon known as the “burning mountain” which has entranced travellers for centuries. Explorer Marco Polo wrote of the mysterious fires that burned all over the peninsula back in the 13th century.


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