African Explorations by Private Jet 2019 – Serengeti, Tanzania

Serengeti, Tanzania

Across the Indian Ocean, with speed and ease enjoying an a la carte luncheon on the way, we passed by Mt. Kilimanjaro (highest free standing mountain in the world) and we land on the shores of Lake Victoria, northwestern Tanzania.  We transfer to our private charter Cessna safari plane for our short flight to our destination … the renowned Serengeti National Park.

Our “home” for the next three nights is the most unique and authentic way to go ‘on safari’ … it’s a form of ‘ritz carlton camping’ … high end ‘glamping’ … a luxury mobile tented camp of &Beyond. This grand tented camp is put up and taken down and it is moved around the vast Serengeti in order to keep up with the largest wildlife spectacle on earth, the Great Migration.  Guests enjoy almost all the ‘comforts of home’ in their large suite tents.  The freshly cooked meals are wholesome and delicious. Fully stocked bar and fine wines. Most of all, our Tanzania Safari Guides are great guys with ‘eagle eyes’ who know the vast Serengeti inside-out and they seem to find hidden wildlife with such ease.

The great migration mostly encompasses over 1.5million wildebeeste moving constantly for verdant grasses to feed. They cover great distances, hundreds of miles throughout the year.  Large herds of thousands of zebras migrate with the wildebeeste.  This is the most wondrous wildlife spectacle, awesome is an appropriate word.  Of course, the Serengeti is also home to many other varieties of wildlife … various varieties of gazelle, antelope, buffalo, giraffe, and big cats (cheetah, lions, and leopard), and hippo and large crocodiles in the rivers.  This is Wild Kingdom!  We are also lucky to see elephant and a lone ‘runaway’ black rhino. For 2 full days, with our excellent Safari Guides in their large comfortable 4×4 Toyota Landcruisers, we traverse over large wild territories of Serengeti.  We enjoy excellent wildlife viewing as portrayed in our photos.

Camp life is good for us too.  We all enjoy our large spacious sleeping tents with dressing area, the hot showers and flushing loos. We love our tent butlers who make our lives easier … especially with their personal delivery of hot water bottles into our beds at night, as well as hot coffee or tea with ginger cookies in the chilly early mornings to get us going for that day.  Their daily laundry and ironing skills are appreciated too.  We are so comfortable amid wildest Africa.

We arrived with some anxieties … we left too soon and with a whole new appreciation of the ‘magic’ of Africa.  Long live the extraordinary experiences of Serengeti.  Thank You to the fantastic ‘Under Canvas’ team of &Beyond.

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