Africa & The Indian Ocean Luxury Tour by Private Jet 2018 – Selous, Tanzania & Livingstone, Zambia

Selous, Tanzania & Livingstone, Zambia – June 20 – 23

Frederick Courtney Selous was tramping around East Africa in the late 1800s and as a British explorer he developed a passion for hunting, especially along the great Rufiji River.  He made it his focus to get the British (and later German) colonial authorities to demarcate this massive area as “protected” for wildlife.  This area saw some figh ting action between the British and Germans during World War 1, and sadly Selous himself was a victim to that and killed by shot in 1917. He is buried in the Beho hills amid this vast area later named in his honor.

As the envy of ourselves, we jetted easily away from beautiful Seychelles Islands, and within hours we were cleared through VIP Lounge Dar Es Salaam for Tanzania’s immigration and customs. We were soon on our short speedy Swiss made safari Pilatus planes headed for the renowned Selous National Reserve, still one of the greatest and largest wildlife protected areas in Tanzania.

We arrived in the heat of the afternoon (read: hot!) and so most welcome were the chilled towels & pomegranate iced teas presented to us on arrival at camp.  This was the beginning of safari Africa for our group and for most this was their first time ‘on safari’ in Africa.  We were sleeping in tents … but great big and rather grand tents on mahogany wood platforms.  Large ensuite bathrooms with walled outside showers. Early evening showers with moon and starlit sky above is one of the greatest gifts of safari camp life.  So, it was quickly obvious that our comfort and well-being were in good hands.  It was time to get out among the African bush and find animals large and small.

Wildlife Safaris from Siwandu camp takes place on boats and by custom-made safari LandRovers.  The boat Safaris on the lake, filled with plentiful hippos and large crocodile, guaranteed ‘no dust and no bumps’.  A good variety of animals is seen around the large lake, some elephants drinking. Birdlife abounds.  Mostly, we game drive in large comfortable 4×4 Landrover vehicles with Mohammed and Alfred as our guides.  These are early morning and afternoon driving Safaris and with our ‘eagle eyes’ guides, the wildlife of Africa reveals … of the Big 5 animals we were fortunate to see elephant, lion, and Cape buffalo but there’s far more in terms of hippos, crocodiles, giraffe, impala, zebra, wildebeeste, warthogs, and smaller interesting creatures like baboons, vervet monkeys, mongoose, squirrels, and masses of birds from great eagles to vultures to beautiful starlings and bee-eaters.  It’s the wild kingdom that we came to discover and see and learn and enjoy.  It’s exciting experiences and amazing adventures Selous style.  And, of course, a most welcome traditional ‘Sundowner’ at the end of the afternoon game drives … finding a picturesque place, setting up a small table bar & snacks and celebrating a grand day amid a glorious African sunset.
Still the envy of ourselves … Yes Indeed!

We love our time at the camp on the lake.  Our chef, “Edmondi”, receives Top Chef billing of the trip so far.  How does he produce such culinary magic from such a basic kitchen? All of our good staff take care of us so personally. They know us by name and they quickly remember our personal preferences. Our Masai “askari” (guards) ensure we sleep well, knowing that hippos, elephants and giraffe are meandering through our camp at night.  We are the visitors!  The night noises of Africa become familiar from the safety of our big tents … hippos grunting, Bush babies screeching, hyenas calling.  It’s all a part of this ‘magic of Africa’ that we are privileged to experience.

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Our private jet comes to its absolute BEST on this day across Africa. We’re flying from the east coast of Africa, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania on the Indian Ocean, way over to the west coast of Africa to Walvus Bay, Namibia on the Atlantic Ocean.  This is not even remotely possible with commercial air services!  However, the beauty of our private jet is that on this flight path we fly almost directly over Victoria Falls … one of the seven wonders of our world and a World Heritage Site … so why not “pop in” and visit!!  Our stop includes a tour of the magnificent falls, some lunch, and an exciting helicopter “flight of the Angels” around the Falls, as well as a brilliant short lecture on Dr. David Livingstone and his dramatic story of missionary to explorer. In the mid afternoon, jump back on our beautiful jet and fly on to Walvus Bay, Namibia.

Into Namibia … that land that god created in wrath.  We can sort of see why from the minute we land in the rocky desert … towering red desert sand dunes all around and not much else. Why on earth are we even here?? … there’s plenty to reveal :-)))

Click here to join us in Namibia.


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