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In the 1500s Portuguese sea traders came to occupy this area, followed by the French, and ultimately the British who made this place a protectorate until the 1970s. Discovered in the mid-70s, the main resource in Oman is still oil – producing 1 million barrels a day with a large international export market, including the U.S. Today, natural gas is also exported … 10.4 million tons of gas exported internationally. Muscat is not the glitzy high rises of Dubai, Doha or Abu Dhabi. This is a more traditional development albeit with everything ultra-modern.

A thriving and strategically located port of the Arabian Peninsula in ancient times, Muscat, retains its somewhat medieval appearance. The seaside, ceremonial palace of H.M.Sultan Qaboos Said, nestled between steep rocky hills, offers a spectacular sight. Muscat, the official capital of Oman, is only a small part of a larger grouping of cities and towns strung along the coast of the Gulf of Oman, which is known locally as the “Capital Area” or the “Muscat Municipality.” These towns are sandwiched between the sea to the north and a very rocky, primeval-looking range of barren mountains to the south.

Oman Highlights

  • Grand Mosque
  • Bait Al Zubair Museum
  • Waterfront Corniche
  • Dhow cruise
  • Muttrah Souq
  • Interior city of Nizwa


Customized pricing based on itinerary.

  •  Muscat, OMAN

See Muscat’s twin forts, which took on their present form in the 1580s during the Portuguese occupation of Muscat. Tour the Grand Mosque and visit Bait Al Zubair Museum for a brief introduction that traces Oman’s history and development. Drive along the waterfront Corniche visiting the Fish Market and the colorful Muttrah Souq. Stop for a photo at the magnificent Al Alam Palace, official palace of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos flanked by the 16th century Portuguese forts Mirani & Jalali.

  •  Muscat, OMAN

View the picturesque white-walled houses of the city from the water as you relax aboard a sunset Dhow cruise. See Muscat through the eyes of ancient seafarers who plied this route for centuries.

  •  Nizwa, OMAN

Visit Nizwa, capital city of the interior. Visit your way to the bazaar filled with fascinating, traditional souks, where bargain hunting and bartering can turn up some exceptional treasures. See Nizwa’s renowned round tower Fort, a massive castle which was built in the 1650s by the second Ya’rubi Imam. Visit Al Hamra, a 400-year-old town in the region Ad Dakhilivah, which is famous for their old multi-storied mud houses surrounded by a vast expanse of lush green date plantations.


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