Exploring the South Pacific by Private Jet – Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island, Australia – October 30 – 31 – Our private jet approach into Hamilton Island quickly shows us a pristine paradise playground of small hilly islands surrounded by gorgeous azure seas.  We are soon at our ‘out of this world’ private family owned resort, qualia (pronounced ‘kwa-li-ahh’), and meaning a collection of deeper sensory perceptions. Wow!!  This fabulous place is on small Hamilton Island amid the renowned collection of The Whitsunday Islands … discovered and named by Captain Cook in the late 1700s.  qualia highlights this area’s outstanding beauty of lush tropical islands (rather ravaged by a huge hurricane that hit about 7 months ago) and the beautiful blue Coral Seas all around.  Each of our special guests enjoy hillside private villa suites with private infinity pools and magnificent views.  On arrival we enjoy an interesting and delicious varietal of Australian wine tasting, all paired with Australian cheeses.  That evening some enjoyed the fine dining gastronomique indulgences of qualia’s Pebble Beach restaurant, others took to their golf carts to drive over the hill to the lively marina for a selection of different restaurants.

We’re here to explore the islands further, so on our full day we enjoy a luxurious cruise aboard the brand new motor yacht ‘Palm Beach’.  Leaving from qualia we head past various pretty islands under sun drenched skies.  At Hook Island we take time to snorkel and swim at a small coral cay reef.  We motor across the Coral Seas to the fabled and most photographed Beach in Australia, Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island. There was a strong northerly wind and our Captain decided not to try and go ashore in the surf waves and (after photographs of course) we continue on to a quieter, beautiful bay with sheltered calm waters and a pretty horseshoe beach.  Lunch time and our crew served us ‘royally’, a scrumptious picnic with French champagne and Australian sparkling wines.  Beach walks and more swimming were on offer but all chose the comforts of the boat.  This is the idyllic way to relax … why move?  Well, qualia’s calling to us … we head for home with magnificent views of our beautiful qualia resort as we return around the headland of Hamilton Island.

It’s hard to persuade anyone to leave qualia … but we’re heading for the island of Tasmania.  This is a place of small vibrant cities, foodie restaurants, a ‘mad’ museum of great renown, National Parks and World Heritage Sites.  It’s an island of great history with a native Aborigine population dating back around 40,000 years and a controversial British ‘occupation’ since early 1800s to prevent any French claim to this far away place.  Jetting onward we go … do keep up with us fortunate few!

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