Exploring the South Pacific by Private Jet – Bora Bora, Tahiti

Bora Bora, Tahiti – November 6 – 9 – The name alone evokes the most alluring South Seas exotic … add Four Seasons Villas on to that and it’s very very happy relaxed Lakani guests.  Rightly so. These have been exceptional travels around the South Seas all drawing to a close at ‘simply the most gorgeous & stunning’ Four Seasons Bora Bora where ‘heaven on earth’ is real.

Seemingly, we stepped off an eons old glacier up at around 9000ft above sea level … easily whisked by private jet … and landed down on to beautiful pristine beaches and clear turquoise seas of Tahiti islands.

Tahiti as we all know is one island of many (Papeete, Tahiti island being location of the main international airport). Bora Bora is one of the many islands about 140 miles northwest of Papeete. These islands are collectively known as the Society Islands of French Polynesia.  Our Four Seasons Hotel is located on the edge of an extinct volcano with a huge lagoon and looking toward the iconic twin peaks of Pahia and Otemanu.

In more ancient times, the island was known by the natives as ‘Pora Pora’ meaning ‘created by gods’. First European sighting and record was by European Jakob Roggeveen in 1722, after he visited and named Easter Island (thousands of miles away), and his mispronunciation of the island name became today’s “Bora Bora”.  Capt. Cook came by in 1769 while Bora Bora was still an independent kingdom.  Annexed by France in 1888. During World War II the United States chose Bora Bora as the South Pacific military supply base.  Fortified heavily, with a supply force of 9 naval ships and 7000 men, this island base saw no combat. The US base was closed in 1946.

Our Four Seasons Resort enjoys a most convenient location. On arrival at the small local island airport it’s just a 15 minute easy boat ride away. It is named the #1 Resort in French Polynesia, a distinction we can understand.  Our guests enjoy 2 days and 3 nights of unparalleled luxuries here.  Some of us ‘tear ourselves away’ to cruise for a few hours on a motor yacht adventure, which included swimming with sea rays and small sharks, some snorkeling, and a picnic lunch with grilled lobsters and other local delicacies.  Others revel and indulge in the sheer bliss of this place, especially in our guests’ Villa Suites.  This is the perfect place to relax and reflect on our amazing adventures … and to begin to think again of returning home.

Our final evening we all join together for a royal celebration. A grande finale of sorts. On a beach at the hotel’s lagoon we experienced an excellent traditional Tahitian Royal dinner and entertainment.  It’s a lovely lagoon side venue on the beach, enjoying chilled French champagne and canapés with a lively group of Tahitian musicians and singers.  Then on to a sumptuous dinner of all that’s fresh from the land and sea here, along with other delectables.  A dazzling spectacular show of men fire dancing amazes us, and later revel in a variety of Tahitian rhythms and dance.  Tahitian energetic men and gracious ladies entertain us with their beauty, movement and dance rhythms. Some of us try our own moves with them too.  It’s all a fun farewell party time.

Our amazing adventures and exhilarating experiences by private jet trip is drawing to a close… places like Sydney and Papua New Guinea seems like a long time ago.  We have covered thousands of miles, seen and marveled and enjoyed so much, and we’ve  learned a lot too.  Now we are all the more richer for our travels. It’s time to start home and let it all sink in.  Til we meet again … ‘life is short, start with dessert’ !

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