Exploring the South Pacific by Private Jet 2018 – Ayers Rock, Australia

Ayers Rock, Australia – October 20 – 21

Known as the “Red Center”, the impressive central Australian red desert is a grand sight even from 41,000 feet.  Our Private Jet from Papua New Guinea brought us efficiently from the tropical lush equatorial climate into the red desert center of Australia (with a brief Australian immigration/customs stop in Cairns).

A World Heritage Site, Uluru, it’s native Aboriginal name (also known as Ayers Rock), never ceases to awe and impress, rising out from the  red desert sands. One single piece of giant red rock with only 1/6th exposed above the surface of the earth … this is know scientifically as a monolith.  The red colour comes from a very high iron content in the rock.

Based from our luxuious tented palace, Longitude 131, where we are facing the rock from our beautiful luxury tented pavilions, we enjoy several interesting excursions all around the area … concentrating on Uluru, and also the nearby rock formations of Kata Tjuta.  All of these created by massive seismic uplifts through the earth’s crust about 500million years ago.  This is an interesting area of living desert experiences … and of course long long before foreign explorers came here, the native Aborigines have been the custodians of this place for tens of thousands of years.  This is the land of the Ananu Aborigines and their Mala ancestral people.  We are amid their most sacred places.  We visit the Uluru Cultural Center to appreciate more and see the women working on their colourful ‘dot paintings’ where no photographs are allowed.

It is hot here so our excursions are early mornings and late afternoons. We enjoy easy hikes. Everywhere we go the great rock impresses us from near and far.  At the sunrises and sunsets are the most dramatic colour changes of the red rock.  We also visit an impressive human creation … the ‘field of lights’, an art illumination comprising of over 50,000 solar lights. We wander through just after sunset to enjoy.

Fun Fact: Interesting that Uluru and Longitude 131 are closer to the orbiting space station than to any other city in Australia (ie. Alice Springs, Sydney or Perth).  We are truly in the heart of the Outback.

Adventures continuing as we head for Hamilton Island, amid the Whitsundays Islands, right next to one of our natural wonders of the world, The Great Barrier Reef.

Before continuing on with us, check out these pictures and special moments on our YouTube page by clicking here!

Click here to join us in Hamilton Island!

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