Europe Rediscovered 2016 by Private Jet – Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, ICELAND – May 16 – 18, 2016 — Our 2016 Europe Rediscovered Luxury Tour by Private Jet has started in the world’s northernmost capital city, Reykjavik, Iceland. Our guests were met on arrival of their various flights and transferred to the centrally located Hotel Borg to check into their suite accommodations.

We started our explorations with a delightful walking tour around the city finishing at the largest church in Iceland, Hallgrims Church. The church steeple offers a panoramic view of the city, reached, thankfully, by an elevator! After recharging our batteries in an Icelandic coffee shop, we continued on foot towards the hotel which is located in a pedestrian zone with easy access to the entire city center.

Our welcome cocktail party and dinner was enjoyed by all in a private room at the hotel. It was almost like homecoming, as most of our guests have traveled with us before.  Jan welcomed everyone as they enjoyed their dinner party and interacted with each other.

We walked from the hotel to the very colorful old harbor for a cruise toward a nearby island where the Atlantic IMG_8864puffin spend some time each spring. It was a glorious day, sunny and clear with excellent weather for a delightful cruise and some bird watching of the sparse puffin colony. After disembarking we headed to the well-known Blue Lagoon, where we had a superb lunch at LAVA Restaurant, and time to soak in the thermal waters of the lagoon. We had reserved the only VIP private area, with individual changing rooms, a bar and lounge, IMG_8957a terrace and an indoor pool. The lounge provides a direct entrance into the public lagoon, this way we did not have to expose ourselves to the cold outside air to enter the warm waters. Those among us that preferred to stay dry enjoyed walking across the bridges and relaxing in the lounge, but there were a few of us who took the plunge into the Blue Lagoon.

Our day ended with a visit to the Abaer Outdoor Folk Museum  before returning to our hotel. In the evening our guests enjoyed the opportunity to ‘dine by choice’ in this very friendly city and all came back with stories about good food, excellent fish and very good meat; and all before “sunset” as it doesn’t get dark here until almost midnight. Iceland only lifted the prohibition of beer in 1989 but now all bars and restaurants have beer as well as wine from around the world. Now that more people from around the world come to visit Iceland, chefs have flocked to the country from all over and the quality of food has skyrocketed.

Our final day in Iceland took us on the circular route known as the Golden Circle. Our spring day was cold but we were well prepared for the weather through the pre-trip packing instructions and enjoyed very warm scarves provided by Lakani. Our first stop was the majestic Gullfoss (Golden Falls), Iceland’s most famous waterfall, on the wide, fast moving Hvita River. Continuing on to the geothermal area of Haukadalur, we had the opportunity to see the boiling water of Geysir (the namesake for the geothermal term, geyser) spout up in the air.

IMG_8987We stopped at a local farm for a wonderful lunch with some of the best trout ever, followed by some local farm specialties, including cheese, skyr, wye and ice cream. The farmer gave an excellent talk about the farm, its animals and products. Then we went to the UNESCO site of the first Icelandic parliament, Thingviller, where we walked for an hour visiting the impressive site.

On our return to Reykjavik guests once again went out to experience the different dining experiences offered in the city.

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Our adventure continues to the wonderful city of Copenhagen, click here to follow.

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