African Adventure by Luxury Private Jet February 2016 – SERENGETI

February 16 – 18, 2016 – Serengeti National Park, TANZANIA —  Our private jet flight from Victoria Falls was easy, smooth and efficient with a delicious lunch served en route to Tanzania. Our 1k MtKili (4)flight included a BIG surprise that was only possible because we are traveling by private jet. Our Captain secured clearance for our private jet to circle around the very top of Mt. Kilimanjaro … Africa’s highest mountain at 19,300 feet above sea level. Kilimanjaro, an ‘extinct’ volcano, is a massive mountain with a huge dome top … rarely ever seen. While sipping champagne our guests comfortably enjoyed a “jets eye view” as we circled the top of the snowy mountain and looked down into its central crater. This was a ‘once in a lifetime’ WOW! experience.

Using the Presidential VIP terminal at the airport we transferred quickly from our private jet to the local “cloud hopper” Cessna Caravan to take us easily up into the northwestern Serengeti … turning a 9 hours drive into a 1.5 hours flight. We were back into the ‘loving arms’ of Singita and this time a luxury tented experience at Sabora 2 Singita Sabora exteriorTented Camp. Out in the middle of the vast Serengeti plains sits a small exclusive and extraordinary luxurious tented camp called Sabora. Under the shady acacia trees this camp is barely visible blending entirely with its surrounding environment, a place of African ‘magic’ … tranquility and serenity including a spa, a tented gym, and a clay tennis court. Here, we are living amid one of Africa’s most abundant wildlife kingdoms, the Serengeti, and we are experiencing this in the’ lap of luxury’. Our caring staff remind us how much our enjoyment in Africa is because of the people of Africa. At Singita again … we are not only the ‘envy of ourselves’ but many others too!

Here on the vast savannah plains of the great Serengeti we experience East Africa at its finest. The neighboring countries of Tanzania and Kenya share this awesome wildlife ecosystem (known in Kenya as Masai Mara). We are here for three nights and two full days of safari game drives. We explore our vast corner of the Serengeti in the open-back 4×4 Land Rovers, sturdy bush ‘work horse’ vehicles that cross just about any terrain. Our safari ranger guides are the best, and we are joined for our time here by our dear friend Patricia Awori. Pat is a lifelong East African … travelling through these areas from childhood, Pat is a cultural ‘treasure chest’ of knowledge as well as wildlife expertise. Today Pat is one of the region’s most ardent conservationist for African Elephants and other endangered species. We enjoy morning and late afternoon wildlife safaris, exploration adventures, seeing the ‘prized’ cats, cheetah and lion, as well as elephants and cape buffalo, and massive eland (antelope), and giraffe, and an amazing array of antelope species including zebra, wildebeest, topi, impala, Thompsons gazelle (“tommies’), and other interesting unique species of mammals and birds. These are the main adventures that we came to experience here – we are awed!

bolton shots (9)As an added adventure, on our first morning at sunrise we take a private safari by hot air balloon … no dust, no bumps, and an eagle’s eye view of the animals and ecology. We set sail in our two private balloons. Soon after takeoff, floating along with a steady morning breeze our pilot exclaims “cheetah, cheetah!” … the only African large cat that we have not seen so far on this trip. There right below us in the long grasses a cheetah mother and grown cub are trotting along, just a few feet below us. We’re in amazement … and of course we know there’s more to come. At acacia tree tops height, we drift over the plenty of Serengeti: zebra, topi, giraffe, warthog, hyena, ostrich and eland in the distance. Suddenly “look lion!” … ahead of us one of our safari vehicles is with four lions, and another two are quickly spotted. We come lower with excellent views. Away to our right is our tented camp Sabora. And within minutes we’re a thousand feet above the ground and enjoying spectacular vistas across the Serengeti in all directions. The silence of floating is magnificent! Ahead of us an enormous herd of buffalo, hundreds of them. We drift lower and pass right over them. It’s time to land … a fun bumpy experience across the plains in a sturdy basket. Chilled champagne and juices and morning treats await us. We toast our great flight.LastLionsSundownEven (7)

Our family at Singita Sabora thrill and surprise us – its not just the wildlife of which several are around and in our camp day and night – but the fine dining is always a good part of travel. A beautiful bar-b-que dinner one night on the lawn. Another night we are mesmerized by the roaring bonfire, entertainment during cocktails and canapés with local Kuria dancers and drummers, while we sit under the starry sky with our white linen tables with candles and kerosene lanterns hanging in the acacia tree . It’s a feast and we’re in Africa … two male lions are spotted right out at the perimeter of our lights. They want to share too? Another morning we are treated to a spectacular ‘bush breakfast’ out amid the plains with a ‘herd’ of staff (incl. 3 chefs) to wait on us … and even a discrete ‘loo with a view’. So very civilized! On our final evening, following the game drive, our guests enjoy a rather magnificent sundowners celebration/reception on a most welcomed Magic Carpet – this is indeed a magical ride for us. Out on the never-ending plains of the Serengeti as the sun is setting we raise glasses and toast. Blessings Abundant are among our good fortune.

We’re heading on to our next ‘unimaginable’ Africa … a complete contrast from where and what we have experienced til now. Here we come fascinating Namibia … ‘the land that gods created in anger’ …

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