African Adventure by Luxury Private Jet February 2016 – LIVINGSTONE & VICTORIA FALLS

February 14 – 15, 2016, Livingstone and Victoria Falls, ZAMBIA — We flew north direct from Kruger to Victoria Falls … a private jet journey of 1.5 hours, which flying commercially would have required a flight from Kruger to Johannesburg, an overnight in Jo’burg and then a ‘next morning’ flight up to Victoria Falls. Ours … easy, seamless, fast & fun!IMG_1041

Our arrival into Victoria Falls brought us on to the Zambia side of the falls to the historic town of Livingstone, a small town which thrives on tourism. It was an easy transfer drive to the nearby Royal Livingstone Hotel, our charming 5-star riverside home for the next two days. The Zambezi River is one of Africa’s largest and longest rivers …flowing from west to east out into the Indian Ocean. We are at this river for its most impressive aspect, a world wonder, the Victoria Falls. These falls were discovered by the first European in the late 1800s … Dr. David Livingstone, a missionary explorer, was acclaimed worldwide for this worthy ‘find’ in Africa.

IMG_5856We were here to enjoy the falls in their entirety. Our first afternoon put us all into wet-weather ponchos for the walk along the falls. These are the longest and most impressive falls in the world stretching just over a mile and with a maximum drop of over 400 feet. Our special guide at the falls, Chris, gave us a most fascinating lecture on the life and travels of Dr. David Livingstone. Chris made this history-come-alive most enjoyable, even though the monkeys kept trying to steal all of our sugars (for teas and coffees). We also took exciting helicopter flights over the falls and surrounding area … exhilarating for sure and an ‘Angels eye’ view of the massive and impressive Victoria Falls.

One of the unique aspects of a visit to this area is the much-loved elephant interaction. These are all orphan elephants – now together as a family of 11 including new babies. Their’s is a story with good endings. These elephants now enjoy a large range of land and river. Each day, a small group of visitors come to meet the elephants, learn about them, and interact with them. This is a unique wildlife interaction in Africa made all the more special with these ‘gentle giants’ as our new best friends.

A centuries old traditional culture exists round this area of Victoria Falls. Long before David Livingstone, in fact as far back as village2 (3) (2)700 years ago. It was recorded by native tribes about ‘Mosi ya Tunya’ existence … ‘The smoke that thunders’. A few of us took advantage to visit a nearby historic village of Mukuni with its own modern Royal Family. We were guided around the interesting village whose lifestyle has barely changes. We enjoyed a half hour of shopping for African handicrafts all made locally in the village.

Victoria Falls as a ‘must see’ in Southern Africa has been a very easy inclusion into our Around Africa private jet experience. We’re all pleased to be here. We’ve enjoyed the grazing zebras on the lawn of our hotel, the watery sunsets over the great Zambezi River. Happy smiling faces of the staff, our air conditioned rooms, and the good dining at the hotel’s water view restaurant. Overall it’s been a great visit here … And now we continue on to Tanzania’s renowned Serengeti National Park … and some may say the most ‘authentic Africa’ in terms of traditional safari experiences. We jet away to our next “wild kingdom” adventures …

We depart with another flight over the falls, on to Tanzania. Click here to continue with us…

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