Africa & The Indian Ocean 2017 by Private Jet – Anjajavi, Madagascar June / July

Anjajavy Peninsula, Madagascar – June 26-28, 2017 – It was a wonderfully easy departure away from The Seychelles continuing southward to the great island of Madagascar … fourth largest island in the world.  Our arrival at the northwestern tropical island of Nosy Be (our international arrival point) required us to transfer to the safari style Cessna Caravans for our one hour flight to Anjajavy Lodge.

Anjajavy is a remote, protected peninsula with our lodge right on a long white sandy beach washed by the azure Indian Ocean (in this area called the Strait of Mozambique, a very wide sea channel between the island of Madagascar and Mozambique, mainland Africa).  Anajajavy is a remote luxury lodge with individual small villas, air-conditioned, looking out over the beach and sea. Stunning sunsets.

We came here for the world-famous lemurs … and at that very first ‘tea time’ in our lodge’s Oasis garden we were happy to meet our intriguing furry friends.  In the trees above the garden, the lemurs come in the late afternoon to feed on the leaves and fruits of various trees.  They are an energetic display of family fun and feuding … their stunning leaps across thin air from tree to tree was an awesome sight.  All the while we are enjoying a lovely tea with cakes and cookies below them.  Afterward, we enjoyed a wonderful cultural celebration party complete with fireworks because we landed in the country on Madagascar’s Independence Day.  This was a wonderful start to our visit.

We spent 2 full days here which included idyllic times at our lodge with its huge beach-side pool, excellent dining, and gentle friendly staff. By boat, we also had the opportunity to visit a local Malagasy village.  It was an interesting experience for us all.  The children were playing on the beach waiting to welcome us.  Our guides led us through the village and we saw examples of village life, recognizing that their simple living makes ours seem fraught with daily frustrations (mostly self-created).  We enjoyed a visit to their women’s community center where we found a good shopping experience for their handmade embroidered tablecloths, napkins and small purses.

Every afternoon we enjoyed of stunning tea with lemurs in our oasis garden and sometimes we were very fortunate that the lemurs came down from the trees and playfully romped and chased each other around.  There is a ‘no touch, no feed’ policy at Madagascar. A few of us took guided night walks to see the plentiful nocturnal lemur species, as well as chameleons (sleeping) and other nocturnal birds.

Madagascar gave us a truly insightful and memorable Indian Ocean island experience.  We all left loving lemurs and realizing the extraordinary experiences this remote place brought to us.

On we go to REAL Africa … the BIG continent … into East Africa and Tanzania, a country three times larger than Texas.  We are headed for the renowned vast Selous National Game Reserve and our exquisite camp ‘Siwandu’ on the shores of Lake Nzerakera.

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